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The idea was that in order to properly represent a divorce client the lawyer had to get to know them, understand where they were coming from and provide a sympathetic shoulder to lean on.

While it is true that in more complicated cases, which drag on for many months (if not years!), it is definitely recommended to have a close working relationship with your Family Lawyer, in many other cases this is simply not necessary.

At Divorce Scotland our whole ethos is to try and sort out your case in the most straightforward way we can. We use technology to help us with this.

If your case gets tricky we have the experience and the accredited Family Lawyers to steer you through the most complicated situations.

We understand, however, that the client does not want to get bogged down in legal technicalities. The client wants the case to be concluded quickly and cheaply and with a favourable outcome.

From the cost point of view the more efficiently and quickly we conclude your case the less there will be to pay in fees.

Covid has meant that it is currently not possible to personally meet with your divorce lawyer.

But the truth is at DivorceScotland we were already meeting a lot of our clients on Zoom well before the Pandemic.

The feedback we have received is that the vast majority of clients are happy to meet with their Family Lawyer from the comfort of their own homes.

It is not only law firms that are carrying out their work online.

At the moment (and for the foreseeable future) most court hearings will take place online.

Zoom (or Google Chat or Microsoft Teams or even Facebook) meetings can be set up at short notice. If you want a brief chat with your lawyer this can be arranged easily.

Our research tells us that although we ask the same questions and obtain the same information Zoom meetings take less time.

The bottom liner is if less time is spent on your case the fees you pay will be less. Providing an online service allows us to work more efficiently cutting the time your case takes to complete and reducing the fees that you will have to pay.

It seems likely that Zoom Divorce is here to stay