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It is not yet clear the effect that Covid has had on relationships in Scotland.

Generally and anecdotally speaking it seems likely that spouses/partners have spent a lot more time in each other’s company since the Pandemic began than would have normally been the case.

Is that good for a relationship or not?

The cynic might say that relationships (particularly long relationships) are more successful if the partners spend a bit of time apart.

That might not be true; absence may not make the heart grow fonder. The more time spent together might mean a closer bond.

About half way through Lockdown Relationship Scotland carried out a survey which had positive results. Over 60% of those responding felt that it was relationships and family that had helped them make it through the trauma of Lockdown. Of respondents to the survey living in Scotland 12% said that Lockdown had made them realise they wanted to propose to their partner. Only 6% came to the conclusion that they needed to end the relationship.

Now with Lockdown apparently (but not definitely) in the past anecdotal evidence from Divorce lawyers suggests they have never been busier.

Long periods of time cooped up with partners who are working from home and children who are home schooling has caused divisions to form and tensions to build.

It seems likely that strong relationships will have weathered the storm but in cases where there were problems before these issues have been exacerbated and it looks like lots of people just got to the end of their tether (to use the popular Scottish phrase)

Although some people’s finances have been unaffected many others have suffered badly through Lockdown and as Furlough draws to a close it is not going to get any easier.

Many people may be unhappy in their relationship but separating is a big step.

It is, however, useful to know where you stand if you were to decide to split and we are happy for one of our accredited specialists to have a free introductory chat with you.